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Bohemian Colors.

What are bohemian colors?

One of the many elements of the bohemian or boho style I love and embrace myself, are there are no rules here. A boho style is supposed to embrace your own personal and unconventional style. While there are no specific color, there are definitely color palettes that you see repeatedly with the bohemian style. Think earthy tones, such as neutrals like browns, yellows, oranges and reds. Bohemian color palettes can also be super rich and vibrant. Some fun cool boho colors can include rich blues like turquoise and jade.


Grey couch with five throw pillows

Keeping in mind, the wide-range of flexibility and style choices of the boho style, what colors would you chose? With that fun question in mind, here is a mock color palette that I would use for a room in my home. Enjoy exploring yourself, and mixing different colors together and see how they look next to each other.

I am big fan of earthy and rich colors. I would most likely combine both the rich saturated boho colors with the earthy ones. My favorite color is teal, so absolutely had to add that one to the mix.

  1. Olive/Hex #686230
  2. Sage/Hex #A2A183
  3. Mustard/Hex #C08332
  4. Rust/Hex #8C4D2E
  5. Teal/Hex #008081
  6. Pink/Hex #DFAC8D
  7. Terracotta/Hex #D98560

In my designs, I love playing off colors and see which colors enhance each other. Play around with your favorite boho colors and you will find some lovely color palettes. Go wild! Style up a room in your house.