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How do you arrange Throw Pillows on a couch?

Do you have a collection of throw pillows on your couch? Do you ask yourself, is there a better way to arrange them? I have asked myself that multiple times. In my condo, I absolutely love pops of color and texture. Throw pillows ticks both of those boxes for me. The collection of throw pillows include ones I have bought at stores, to ones that I printed with my own pattern.


Grey couch with five throw pillows
Pillow Sizes & Arrangement

After you have selected your pillows that call to your sense of style. Then the question becomes, how can you arrange your throw cushions so it brings serenity into your home? On my couch, I have several different sizes, ranging from the long rectangular sizes to large square throw pillows. As a consumer, you can choose from so many cushion sizes from 14 x 36, 14 x 24, 18 x 18, 20 x 20, 22 x 22, 20 x 12 and on and on.

Enjoy exploring the various sizes of the pillows you selected. You want to strike a balance of sizes. It is a great rule of thumb to have the larger pillows towards the back and then arrange the smaller ones to the front. For example having the 22 x 22 in front and then put a lumber 20 x 12 in front. Play around with your pillows and see which ones looks good next to each other. Another great tip is to have the really large throw pillows next to the ends of the couch, for example a 22 x 22 or larger sizes. You can play around with the medium size ones in the middle of the couch like 18 x 18 or lumber sizes. The lumber pillows usually look best in front of the larger square throw pillows. Start exploring and arranging your pillows, until you settle on one that you think looks the best. Now enjoy those comfortable, yet stylish pillows on your couch.